Thursday, 23 June 2016

Four lizards, a sheep, a snake, three cats and a few dogs

This week I have been hired to help out with a pair of six month old twins. What the client wants is a nanny, though I was hired as a postpartum doula and it is reminding me of exactly why I am a doula and not a nanny. I don't have the stamina or dexterity that is needed for nannying but I am good at the encouraging, making cups of tea and offering perspective which are essential to postpartum support.

Anyways, the finer points of service industries aside, I was walking the wee charges round the block today in a vain attempt to get them to nap and as I walked past what I think is the only free-standing house in all of Alexandria there was a girl of about eight standing on the footpath.

"I know those babies.....they live in one of the the grey houses (she is right) ......Are you the mum? .....I know the other babysitter too"

"Do you live here?" I asked her "do you like it here?"

"It's like a farm, we have so many pets we have four lizards, a sheep, three cats and a few dogs. We used to have a goat....out the back yard"

Her smaller brother tried to show me his toy monkey but he was standing well back and her confidence overwhelmed proceedings a little.

I'm rather hoping that I might be asked to walk the twins again tomorrow and if I am I think I will take the same route


  1. Oh what fun.
    And yay for growing up with an assortment of animals. We certainly did. No goat though. Sigh.

  2. EC,
    The location was so unexpected but yes, she was certainly happy about it.
    Those small goats are the cutest thing ever

  3. at least you found some personal pleasure in the doing of the work Kylie. That alone may be worth the effort.

  4. What a great perk of the job!
    I can't imagine being in charge of twins! I no longer have the energy required for that.

  5. Mark,
    The work is enjoyable but I might not be the best person for it!
    And i needed every last dollar

  6. Anne,
    I certainly dont!

    they are gorgeous little girls, the walk is nice, it's one of my favourite parts of sydney so you know, things could be worse :)

  7. I hope the cats and dogs aren't bothering the lizards.

  8. The joys of getting young babies to sleep. I'm glad your job became a bit more interesting though!

  9. Nick,
    The lizards were probably hiding away under a heat lamp. It was bitterly cold (for Sydney)

  10. LL cool Joe,
    It's always interesting, whether I feel suited to it or not


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